Council Approves Plan for Adding Staffers

By Bill O’Neil

San Antonio City Council Members will soon be adding to their staffs.

Council has signed off on a plan adding an additional full-time staffer to each Council Members office. Councilman Manny Pelaez said the additions are much needed in what is a fast-growing city.

“That is just the reality” Pelaez told his colleagues, adding “The reality is as it (the City) grows, our offices receive more and more phone calls.”

Pelaez also said his current staff is very stretched by an ever-increasing workload.

“Each one of my full-time employees does the work of about one and a half full-time employees… and they pull long nights and weekends to get this stuff done” Pelaez said.

There were no votes against the plan–though Councilman Clayton Perry did urge his fellow Council Members to think outside of the box as well in coming up with staffing solutions.

“There’s people out there that will volunteer–and they’re not necessarily looking for a salary” Perry said, adding “I know there’s some on this dais that do that now–so, I would encourage future use of volunteers to help out.”



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