Council Approves Rule Changes

San Antonio’s City Council says “yes” to some changes in the rules for people who prepare your food–and drive you around.

Among the changes are new “voluntary” placards restaurants can hang–with easy to read inspection scores. Those scores are also now based on a simple system.

“I think the scoring from zero to 100 is a great way to do that, because it is very confusing” said Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, adding this is an area in which the Alamo City really needs to be a trend setter.

“San Antonio as we’ve heard many, many times is becoming a culinary destination–is becoming a foodie destination as well” Viagran said.

Another change will require all “food handlers” to pass a certification.

Meanwhile, a few tweaks have also been made to the rules guiding cabs and limos in San Antonio.

“It’s kind of a moving target in a sense, because the market is changing and evolving each and every day–even as we talk through all of these issues” Mayor Ivy Taylor said.

“We can see the day that there’s going to be driverless vehicles showing up at your door” said Councilman Mike Gallagher, adding “We have to think about things like that when we’re talking about looking at technology in the future.”

Expect the conversation to heat up again later this year when City Council receives a report on how ride shares are operating in town.

“I continue to be troubled by this sort of on-going press–particularly involving Uber in some really, really awful situations” said Councilman Joe Krier, as he pushed a call for more deregulation in order to allow more people to be competitive in the local market.



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