Council Approves “Social Host” Ordinance

Adults who provide booze to kids at parties will soon bear much more legal responsibility in San Antonio.

The “Social Host” responsibility ordinance passed by City Council sets out a series of fines for those adults.

“The key to this also is that after the first violation… the homeowner, the property owner, the person cited… would be required to pay for the cost of the first responders” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, who told the Council it has been an ongoing issue around the Alamo City.

Councilman Rey Saldana championed the ordinance through the City Council vote.

“I think this will be a significant curb to the ability… and the access of young people to alcohol” Saldana said, believing the ordinance will also help in fostering a change in attitude when it comes to adults who provide alcohol to kids.

For Mayor Ivy Taylor, the issue is a personal one.

“Now that I think about it, when I was twenty, I had a birthday party at my Father’s house–and, he allowed us to have wine coolers there” the Mayor said, adding she will soon be discussing the issue with her 13-year old daughter.

Ahead of the Council’s vote, a number of parents made their cases in favor of the ordinance.

“Passing this ordinance will encourage education. When we know better, we do better” said Melinda Cox, a parent on the Northeast side.

The measure will take effect March 1st.



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