Council To Vote On Additional Staff

More residents means additional work for members of San Antonio’s City Council.

Each Council member represents about 140,000 people and those numbers increase constantly.
The growing population is making it tough for Council members and their staff to address all of the issues that are brought in to their offices on a daily basis and that’s why there is a request for more staff.

The request is for a 7th staff member for each City Councilperson.

We talked to Council woman Shirley Gonzalez about the need for more help at City Hall.

She says they will be able to get to more of the issues reported by residents if they have more available staff to go to the places where the problems are so they can be addressed sooner.

She says it would also make it easier to have somebody at the office to take phone calls and answer emails.

Council is going to vote on the additional staff on Thursday.




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