County, City to Weigh Credit Human Move to the Pearl

By Pilar Arias

City and county elected officials are expected to pass a multi-million dollar deal in incentives for Credit Human to move its headquarters to the Pearl.

The credit union, formerly SACU, currently operates off I-10 and Vance Jackson. District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino represents the area of current headquarters as well as the popular midtown district.

 “We get to partner with this company and set some goals and standards regarding their move to that part of Broadway,” Trevino said.

Plans in the works include one 10-story tower and one six-story tower with office and retail space. Trevino said the city incentives are only going towards the taller building of the two, which will be at 1803 Broadway Street.

District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse said it took a month of deliberations for him to support the deal.

“I did obtain support from my colleagues, as a result of this Credit Human discussion, with a CCR to review and revamp our inventive policy, period,” Brockhouse said. He wants to help small and medium-sized businesses citywide with fee waivers and incentives to help them grow.

Credit Human has been operating in San Antonio for more than 80 years.



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