SA ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Two people have been arrested after trying to abduct a 3 year old girl from a west side home.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office reports 47 year old Christopher Schapira and 58 year old Patricia Benitez tried to take the girl Saturday afternoon when she and her 5 year old sister were playing outside.

The girls mom was nearby and the older girl told her what happened.  The mother confronted the pair before they were able to leave the area, then called to report the attempted abduction.

They were arrested a short time later.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar issued this statement:

“With Halloween and the holidays fast approaching, please know that children will be out and about having fun more, as well they are entitled to and should be. While we were all very fortunate that this case worked out, not all families are as blessed. This Mom was not very far from her kids and only looked away for a moment when tragedy almost struck. Please know it only takes a few seconds for the unimaginable to happen. I’m asking everyone to be vigilant with the kiddos, whether our own or our neighbors’. Invest in cameras, know your neighbors, report all suspicious activity to: BCSO (210-335-6000) SAPD (210-207-7273). “

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