SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A pit bull is in the hands of Animal Care Services, and a woman is in the hospital after she and her boyfriend were attacked by the dog on Tuesday morning.

San Antonio firefighters nearby heard screams for help and came running to the location off March Avenue near Stinson Airport.

NEWS 4 SA reports the couple was staying at a house owned by a man who also owned the pit bull. When the couple took their smaller dog outside, the pit bull broke free from a chain. At that point, the pit bull started attacking the smaller dog.

The woman jumped in to protect her dog, and that is when she was bitten multiple times by the pit bull. The boyfriend also got involved, and he was reportedly bitten as well.

Firefighters showed up moments later and needed several tools to get the dog off of the couple.

The woman has non-life-threatening injuries, and the boyfriend’s injuries were treated at the scene.

The homeowner is nowhere to be found, but he could be facing charges.

There is no word on the status of the smaller dog that was initially attacked.

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