“Covering The News” Has A New Meaning

No, we didn’t just “discover” that President Joe Biden is unable to govern.

No, he didn’t just lose the confidence of huge swaths of the populace.

They lied to you.

Now, lying is nothing new in politics. The risk of a politician lying always was the chance of being caught. Or specifically, caught by someone who would expose the lie. What has just happened in the week or so is not that we’ve caught Biden, but that we’ve caught the media who “cover” him.

And “cover” has never been a more apt term.

It would be one thing if the president’s wife and family conspired to hid his infirmities, as evidently they did. Or his inner circle. Or even his party.

The press, whilst virtue signaling about their vital role in “saving democracy” and disparaging “rogue” podcasters and bloggers, joined with full force and vigor in shouting down and smothering any suggestion of the President’s decay. Every one of them. Coincidence or conspiracy? Not sure what’s worse.

Let me say it again: they lied to you. And then they lied about lying—holding pretentiously sober, reflective panels and discussions about “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” and vomiting forth copious anecdotes about people encountering Biden as a man who didn’t know longtime friends, couldn’t follow the gist of meetings and wandering away from handlers. All these things were sitting in their possession, but it wasn’t until the night of June 27th that you and I were good enough to be told.

And then, we were told only to make them, the “journalists” look better. “Here we are, here we are, doing our jobs! Just look at us!”

Finally, and predictably, these same cretins are now crawling on their knees for forgiveness from the Democratic Church.

One outlet helpfully suggesting that President Biden could perhaps use AI to craft future messaging and appearances.

Actually, with the steep decline in intellect among our pols, and the rise of digital first-aid, I’m wondering if we will see the end of live interviews and speeches, across the board.

Why chance it? June 27th may be the last time anyone takes a “live” risk.

No more Mitch McConnell freezing up. No more Nancy Pelosi rigor mortis hand flailing. No more winging it. All our entertainment is pre-recorded, filtered, edited, “cleaned up” and only then presented to us.

Why not our politicians?

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