SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Dallas Cowboys star Running Back Ezekiel Elliott’s latest highlight reel doesn’t feature any of his on field accomplishments.

TMZ Sports has released a video of Elliott being handcuffed by Las Vegas Police outside a music festival.

The video starts with Zeke wandering around the festival grounds sporting a Lebron James jersey, yellow sneakers and…a fanny pack.

No, he wasn’t detained by the Fashion Police.

The real reason Elliott was placed in cuffs can be seen later in the video.  He leans into a Security Guard, causing the man (who appears to have the physical presence of a Place Kicker) to fall to the ground.

Elliott’s attorney is saying the whole thing was a misunderstanding and his client was NOT arrested, only detained. The football player was released a short time later without charges.

This doesn’t mean Elliott is off the hook. The NFL has a personal conduct policy and if the league determines he was in violation of it, he could be suspended.


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