CPS Energy Out With Warning for Natural Gas Customers

By Bill O’Neil

CPS Energy has some advice for nearly 350-thousand customers using natural gas inside of their homes right now.

“We want to make sure that customers have an installed, working smoke alarm in their home… one in each bedroom–and also installed carbon monoxide alarms’ John Moreno with CPS Energy told KTSA News.

“Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. It is a byproduct of natural gas if it’s improperly combusted” Moreno said.

Another line of defense comes with knowing the symptoms to look for if there is a problem inside of your home.

“Some of the common symptoms of CO2 poisoning are headaches, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach… if a customer comes across a situation where they feel like one of these symptoms are affecting them, they need to call 911 immediately” Moreno said.

CPS Energy also urges its customers to take a look at their natural gas flame regularly. If you see anything other than blue in that flame, it could be an indicator of some sort of problem, and you should call a tech to to check things out.



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