CPS Offers Winter Weather Tips

When the temperature drops the temptation to crank up the heat in your home goes up. Well that can end up causing a spike in your next electric bill so CPS Energy has some ideas to help you avoid that shock.

It all starts at your thermostat. The utility recommends you keep it set in that 68 to 70 degree range and if you’re still cold, wrap up in a blanket of wear warm clothes.

Other tips include reversing the direction of your ceiling fans so that they push warm air down and close your curtains. That adds a little extra insulation around your windows where most heat escapes.

Extreme changes in weather also presents several opportunities for the power to go out and CPS is going to have crews standing by to make sure you’re not in the dark for long.

There are some things you can do to get ready for a power outrage. Make sure your cell phones, tablets and laptops are fully charged. Then gather up essential supplies including flashlights, batteries, bottled water and any medication you take on a regular basis. That way you won’t go stumbling through the dark trying to find it.

If the power goes out in your home, contact CPS Energy right away at 210-353-HELP (4357)



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