Crisis Unfolds In Our Nation’s Capital

If you like “Dancing With The Stars”, that’s fine.

I mean, no one’s perfect.

But apparently some “DWTS” (every time I see that abbreviation, I first think of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Has she been on the show yet? It would be “DWS on DWTS”!)—anyway, some  “DWTS” fans in Washington D.C. are having the vapors because the ABC affiliate, Channel 7, showed the Washington Redskins game instead of the reality-based dance-off.

ABC’s DC station showed the Redskins game instead of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and people freaked


I was sitting on my couch in Washington, D.C. earlier this evening, gearing up to watch some Dancing With The Stars. Why? Because I’m going to be writing athlete-centric recaps this season for all of you who want a rundown of the wild things Ryan Lochte says  or how absolutely on fire Laurie Herndandez’s moves are.

But something wasn’t right. Where DWTS should be — Channel 7 —was instead a football game, one between Washington and Pittsburgh. I clicked around a bit, wondering if it was my usual technological ineptitude that was hindering me from watching Lochte and Rick Perry spin around in shiny clothes. But after some frantic texts to my ever-cool editor Nate Scott, who was able to get Google to tell him what I couldn’t, I learned that the show will instead air tomorrow morning from 9-11 a.m. DWTS was a casualty ofMonday Night Football. And the official livestream isn’t available.

And you know who’s really upset about this turn of events? Everyone who wanted to watch DWTS in the D.C. area. Let’s take a gander through the Twitter ire.

What corporate exec at @ABC_Publicity or @DancingABC do I need to speak to about DC stations showing Monday Night Football instead of ?

NO, I am NOT watching because our local market DC, VA, MD is showing a stupid football game. Shame on @CoxComm 

SF and LA – tomorrow only, will be live at 5pm due to football.

@DancingABC Yes, what about DC area?!? Redskins game on ESPN. No need to preempt DWTS. Other viewing options? How will this effect voting?

Susan’s tweet is my favorite: “How will this effect (sic) voting?”

And I don’t think she means for president.

One is just a silly game, people, and the other, is the National Football League. What kind of Americans are you?

But wait, there’s more!

During tonight’s “DWTS” episode, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, whose punishment for lying about bad behavior in Rio includes having to appear on this program, was attacked by anti-Lochte protesters. They rushed the stage!

Wait, there are “anti-Lochte protesters”?!

So, in addition to not seeing the dancing competition in real time (hint: Rick Perry will not need an agent), the show’s afficionados are seething over having missed the near-takeout of Ryan Lochte.

Adding fuel to the flames, there’s a hotbed of Internet speculation that the anti-Ryan violence was staged, possibly by ABC, to keep America locked in to competitive dancing, a ratings magnet no one saw coming.

So, to recap, given that the Redskins probably won’t often be on “Monday Night Football” too often, and were tonight, the outcry is that the football game should never have displaced the dancing show.

Football or flamenco? This is our struggle?

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or just rush Ryan Lochte.



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