Crowd throws fireworks at San Antonio police during confrontation between Trump and Biden supporters

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Fireworks were thrown at police when they stepped in to break up a confrontation between Trump and Biden supporters at Cowboys Dance Hall.

According to a police report, a Trump Train in the parking lot of the nightclub on Loop 410 near IH 35 was met by “individuals with opposite political views.”  Officers say the incident was minor, but it “grew into a large civil unrest.”

Officers placed patrol vehicles between the two groups.

“Fireworks were thrown at officers on 2 separate occasions but no injuries were sustained,” stated the report.  “Officers had to break up one fight as they constantly were tasked with keeping the two sides apart.”

One of the officers noticed a long rifle on the rear floorboard of the vehicle.

“I contacted the owner of the vehicle who was leaning on the hood.  He advised me to go ahead and open the door,” said the officer.

The man was detained  and later released, but because of the “volatile atmosphere,” the weapon was taken to the police property room,” the report stated.

As the crowd decreased in size, officers left the scene.

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