Cruz Confident as Gorsuch Hearings Begin

Senator Ted Cruz is feeling confident as United States Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch prepares to take his place in the Capitol Hill spotlight Monday.

Confirmation hearings are set to open for President Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court Nominee.

“We’re going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed” Cruz told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on the eve of the start of the hearings, adding “I’ll tell you this…. Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed. He will either get sixty votes and be confirmed… or otherwise, whatever procedural steps that are necessary.”

Cruz also doesn’t see the process playing out for a relatively long period of time.

“I believe within a month or two, Neil Gorsuch will be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court” Cruz said.

Meanwhile, the Senator said the Republican proposed replacement for Obamacare is likely dead in the U.S. Senate without making any major changes to deal with the high cost of insurance premiums.

“Premiums, premiums, premiums. When I’m back home in Texas, what I hear from Texans every single day is I can’t afford health insurance” Cruz said.

The Senator also isn’t ready to dismiss President Trump’s claims about Trump Tower being wiretapped under orders of the Obama Administration during last year’s Presidential Campaign, pointing to at least two requests for warrants that have come to light amid the allegations made by the President.

“I think it’s important to learn a little bit more detail about what was contained in those FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) applications–and, I think the investigations will bring that out” Cruz said.



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