Cruz: Fiorina Will be My Running Mate

Is this the turning point Ted Cruz has been looking so hard to find?

“If I am nominated to be President of the United States, I will run on a ticket with my Vice-Presidential Nominee Carly Fiorina” Cruz said to applause at a campaign rally in Indianapolis Wednesday Afternoon.

The experts will tell you the timing of Cruz’ running mate announcement might be a surprise–but who that person is really isn’t.

“Ted Cruz is really in do or die territory right now” said Political Scientist Mark Jones, a Fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute. He told KTSA News the Senator needs to go bold–or he’ll fins himself going home.

“At this point, Cruz has to pull out all of the stops” Jones said, adding “If he doesn’t win Tuesday in Indiana, his Campaign is going to be on life support.”

Cruz is hoping for a big win in the Hoosier State to slow GOP Presidential Frontrunner Donald Trump’s march to the 1237 delegates needed to secure the Party’s Nomination.

“Cruz was most likely going to have Carly Fiorina-or, another talented Republican woman on his ticket” Jones said, pointing to the influence expected Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton is having on the race. Time will only tell, but given Fiorina’s national profile, Jones said she could be a benefit for the Cruz Campaign.

“This should help Cruz more than someone else that he and his Campaign would have to spend far more time introducing to the American public (such as New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez)” Jones said.



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