Cruz Visits KTSA

By Elizabeth Ruiz

Health Care… a stipend for members of Congress to help pay the cost of living in Washington D.C.–and more–Senator Ted Cruz touched on a number of topics during an exclusive visit to KTSA Thursday Morning.

“More choices, more competition, more options… lowering premiums… that will define success. If we can do that and make health insurance more affordable–that will be a success” the Senator told Trey Ware, explaining his “Consumer Freedom Amendment to the Republican health care plan to an audience in the Alamo Lounge.

Listen to the Senator’s conversation with Trey

“What it is focused on is giving all of us the freedom to buy the health insurance we want” Cruz said in describing how his amendment would work.

The Senator also touched on the growing concern surrounding North Korea after that country’s successful ballistic missile test earlier this week.

“North Korea right now is the most dangerous place on the face of the planet” Cruz said, adding “Kim Jong-un the dictator is unstable… he is dangerous.”

As for a recent suggestion from former Congressman Jason Chaffetz of a $2500 per month stipend for members of Congress to help pay the cost of living in the nation’s capitol, Cruz isn’t a fan.

“I don’t think we need to pay members of Congress any more” the Senator told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi.

“Our founder’s believed in citizen legislators that would come and spend some time in serving then return to the community they came from–and I think that’s the rifght model to look to” Cruz said.



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