Cuellar Continues TPP Push

As convinced as ever in the agreement.

The word from San Antonio Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, fresh off of a trip to Latin America aimed at building support for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

“18-thousand tariffs those countries have on United States manufactured goods, or agricultural goods, or oil field equipment. That means more things can be exported from the United States–more products–and that means more jobs” Cuellar told KTSA News after wrapping up up a trip that included several members of Congress–including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The Congressman admitted a lot on politics are at play.

“People on the far right that don’t like President Obama, and don’t want to give him a victory. And, people on the far left that are very concerned about labor and environmental needs” Cuellar said, still hopeful a vote will be taken on the agreement at some point this year, maybe as soon as August.

“If not… I’m hoping we can at least do it during the lame-duck session” Cuellar said, adding his belief it’s better for the United States to be in control of such trade agreements.

“If we don’t decide to do it, then’ we’re going to let countries like Russia or China… they’re going to make the decisions” Cuellar said.



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