Cuellar Hopeful of a Deal on DACA

By Don Morgan

No deal yet but they’re working on it.

Congressman Henry Cuellar talked to us about his meeting with President Trump Wednesday. He says during the conversation the President expressed a strong interest in getting a solution for DACA in place as soon as possible.

Cuellar says President Trump talked about DACA and a border wall being taken care of in two separate pieces of legislation. But by Thursday morning, that seemed to change and Trump wanted the wall included in DACA reform policy.

Cuellar says that’s likely because the President is feeling some pressure from Republicans following the meeting with bi-partisan members of Congress.

While the President seems to have walked back a little on the sentiments expressed to Cuellar during their meeting, the Congressman feels the new White House strategy of reaching out to Democrats is coming at the right time.

“The last time we had any immigration reform was 1986. Reagan was President and is was a bi-partisan solution. The last time we had tax reform, it was a bi-partisan solution. President Trump realizes the only way to get a successful policy is place to to work with both parties and not just think that since Republicans control the House and Senate they can just run over Democrats. That’s never productive, so he’s trying something else. I think having input from Democrats and Republicans is the best way to move ahead on anything.”



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