Dallas Massacre Sends Shock Waves Across TX


The massacre of police officers in Dallas on the heels of two controversial police shootings in other U.S. cities this week has sent shock waves across the Lone Star State.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is urging everyone in the Alamo City to keep their cool with tensions sky high around the country.

“I think that really only comes from communication, feeling confidence in our local law enforcement–knowing they’re working in our best interests” Taylor said hours after the massacre, sharing details of a difficult conversation he had with her daughter–who saw online video of the controversial officer involved shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

“I was really disturbed by the emotion she was conveying” Taylor said, adding “I felt her frustration, her sadness, her anger.”

Assistant San Antonio Police Chief Anthony Trevino said officers are on their toes in the aftermath of what happened in Dallas, as the Department keeps a close eye on the still unfolding investigation.

“You have incidents of domestic terrorism that can occur–so, we have to be prepared for any possible circumstance” Trevino said, adding officers today are working with anew normal.

“There’s always threats that are made against officers. There’s threats that are made against leadership within police organizations. That’s just a regular part of the job so to speak” Trevino said.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies are also a little more vigilant today.

“We are–like everyone else–just shocked, outraged, saddened by what has occurred in Dallas” James Keith with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office told KTSA News.

That shock and sadness isn’t limited to big cities. It’s also being felt in smaller communities such as Seguin.

“I don’t know if I’m fearful–I just feel we need to be vigilant” Seguin Mayor Don Keil told KTSA News when asked if he’s concerned something like that could happen in his community.

“You need to make sure these brave police officers that are out there every day taking care of us and protecting us–that they know that you appreciate what they’re doing” Keil said.

When asked how to fix the problem, Keil said prayer might go a long way.

“Pray for the country, and make sure that this racial hatred does not spread–that it doesn’t (become) something worse than is happening right now” Keil said.

Those are thoughts echoed by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood.

“The greatest damage that is happening to this country is this ridiculous post-modernist mentality that has infiltrated our schools” LaHood told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi. He said honest and frank discussion is needed.

“You have to have an honest conversation and leave agendas aside” LaHood said, adding “You have to leave organizations like Black Lives Matter out of conversations.”

LaHood is also wary of any agenda politicians might bring to such conversations.

“Politicians suck… they do” LaHood said.

In the end, what happened in Dallas serves as another reminder of the dangers faced by police every day–and the mission of groups such as the 100 Club.

“The 100 Club will reach out (to Dallas) to offer donations on behalf of the citizens of San Antonio when the time is appropriate” President Richard Miller told KTSA News.



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