SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — Popular social networking app Bumble is proud to call Texas home.

“We have loved being Texas based,” spokeswoman Alex Williamson said of the Austin-based company.

Bumble is a female driven dating app that also includes platonic networking opportunities for users.  It’s also one of many tech firms either based in Austin or employ a large number of people.

“We are all so happy to be in Austin,” Williamson explained. “We have found incredible talent here and what we have loved so much about it is that we have been able to really focus on growing this business.”

Unlike other tech companies based in places like the San Francisco area or in New York, being in Texas has allowed the company to develop its own personality and provide a lifestyle few other place could offer.

“It’s the Texas tone and the Texas perspective that has given Bumble such a friendly voice and brand,” Williamson stated.  “Texas lends itself to such an easy lifestyle and it creates a really beautiful work-life balance.”

The company is currently working with the Texas Legislature on a bill to make sending unsolicited nude photos a crime.

While some may be concerned that a flood of people from other states will change the state for the worse, Williamson said Bumble loves Texas just as it is.

“There is nothing that we would change about the experience of Bumble being here.  It is something that we are all so privileged and grateful to be part of Texas.”

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