Dead fish in San Antonio River, bats freeze under bridges

 SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) –  Visitors taking a lovely stroll on the San Antonio River Walk may be surprised to see dead fish in the water. Texans also are discovering dead bats on the ground as the result of lingering freezing temperatures during the winter storm last week.

The San Antonio River Authority says non-native tropical fish, including blue tilapia and suckermouth catfish, often cannot survive when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Freezing temperatures may also affect native species.

Dead fish found in the San Antonio River following the winter storm, Feb. 2021/Photo-San Antonio River Authority

The River Authority’s Watershed & Park Operations department is removing the dead fish, but the workers need your help.  If you see any dead fish in the San Antonio River, contact the River Authority’s Environmental Investigations team online  or call 866-345-7272.

Meanwhile, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is getting reports of bat fatalities.  The department is asking for your help checking under bridges and overpasses across the state and report your  information, including an estimated number of dead bats, to the iNaturalist project.    You can  contribute any observations of wildlife that you suspect perished because of the cold weather and include photos if possible.

The folks at Texas Parks and Wildlife say don’t touch the bats.

Bags full of dead bats following the Feb. 2021 winter storm/Photo-Texas Parks and Wildlife

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