Democrats, Republicans Weigh in on DACA Decision

By Don Morgan

He represents a big piece of real estate along the US/ Mexico border and Congressman Henry Cuellar says he’s against the President’s decision on DACA.

“Over 120,640 young people, who have known no other country, have benefited from the DACA program. Of those, over 104,959 are working and contributing over $6 billion annually to the GDP. Ending this program, as the Trump Administration has announced today, is not only a failure on humanitarian grounds, but also economically. I will continue to fight to keep families together and to keep our American values strong while opposing the building of walls. We need a bipartisan comprehensive immigration approach to solve the challenges at our border and ensure that DREAMers have a place in the nation that they love. I call on my colleagues in Congress to act now and to stand up to protect families and the rights of everyone in our country.”

Cuellar does feel the six months until the program runs out should be enough time to come up with a permanent solution but Congress tends to back off from issues dealing with immigration.

Listen to our entire interview with Congressman Cuellar here

Meanwhile other members of Congress are weighing in on the DACA decision.

Congressman Will Hurd released this statement.

“There is no doubt that our immigration system is broken. Congress must provide a permanent, legislative solution for children brought here through no fault of their own. We should create immigration policies that strengthen our economy and keep Americans safe, which is why I look forward to working with my colleagues to make a permanent, legislative solution that allows people who have only known America as their home, to stay and continue contributing to our Nation’s culture, economy and history.”

Congressman Lamar Smith sent us his statement saying President Trump is right to not continue the DACA program and to force Congress to address immigration policies.

“By ending the unconstitutional DACA program he has overturned the last of the Obama Administration’s amnesty agenda and returned to the rule of law. President Obama, a former Constitutional law professor, said many times that DACA was unconstitutional. Congress and the administration should strengthen our laws against illegal immigration and ensure that our immigration policies put unemployed Americans first. The U.S. labor participation rate is at a 40 year low.



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