Why “Deplorables” Don’t Believe Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s attack machine is going after honest Americans who dare to question her recent health diagnosis of pneumonia.

A glance at history might help us understand why “deplorable” Americans are skeptical about her current health claims.

First, in the late 1970’s, Hillary was able to turn a $1,000 investment in cattle into $100,000 almost overnight. Pretty lucky huh?

Then we learned about the McDougal’s, Whitewater, Madison Guaranty, and “missing documents” which mysteriously reappeared as the investigation was heating up.

Most people have forgotten the “Travelgate” scandal in 1993 when Bill took over the Oval Office and all of the White House travel staff was immediately fired only to be replaced with friends of the Clintons. Hillary denied any involvement in the firings, but an independent investigator later found her hands all over it.

Remember the one about how she and Bill left the White House “broke and in-debt”? Today she is worth somewhere around $300 million. How did THAT happen?

Coming to the present – we have Benghazi. She convinced President Obama to take out Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. When terrorists struck our outpost in Benghazi and killed four Americans, Hillary concocted a story about an anti-Mohammad video – not terrorism –  as being the cause, and repeated that story for several weeks. She even fed that lie to the victim’s families as they stood a few feet from the coffins of their loved ones. Yet testimony before congress reveals she wrote to her daughter on the night of the attacks that the killers were terrorists and that’s why the attack happened on 9/11.

She has yet to level about her emails during her time as Secretary of State. The FBI Director cleared her of wrong-doing even though he gave a detailed account of her many lies. Just yesterday, the operatives who worked on her home-brew email server were under subpoena to testify before congress about the matter. Two took the fifth and one didn’t bother to show up at all! Now THAT’s transparency baby!

So is it any wonder there are millions of Americans who don’t believe her recent health revelations?

In the moments following her collapse on Sunday, Hillary’s handlers told several lies about what happened. The video told the truth. They even refused to take her to the hospital so they could control the narrative.  Today she says the instant she got in the van she started making phone calls, and was directing her campaign. She says she went to her daughter’s apartment to run around with the grand-kids for a bit.

She has Pneumonia and she’s chasing her grand-children around? Yeah right.

In a rare moment of truth, Bill Clinton told CBS that Hillary has had these passing out spells “frequently” over a NUMBER OF YEARS. Realizing what he had done he changed his tune and said, “not frequently.” CBS edited out “frequently” and ran the story as Bill says these spells happen “rarely.” Journalism at it’s finest right there.

She has no one to blame but herself for the lack of trust the American people have in her. She is reaping what she has sown during a lifetime of lies, and her strategy of putting Americans into a “basket of deplorables” is not likely to help her either.



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