Deputy in the Fight of His Life

By Don Morgan

He’s 42 years old, an Army Veteran and a Deputy with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Brandon Rivas, a father of 3 young children is also fighting for his life.

His wife Amy tells us that Brandon found out on his birthday that he has a type of lymphoma that is extremely rare. A type that shows up in only 2% of Lymphoma cases.

Since that day in May, Brandon has undergone several rounds of chemo therapy which has left him with a seriously depleted immune system.

Amy tells us because of that, he can’t go out in public which means, he’s not able to work.

“We’ve been fortunate that the Sheriff’s Office has been so supportive of us. They’ve reached out to us time and time again to offer any assistance that they can.”

While his co-workers have stepped up to help, the fact is Brandon’s medical bills have kept piling up. Amy, an Emergency Room Nurse, says she’s working two jobs in order to keep their household going.

“We’ve never been people to ask for help but the next step for Brandon is an extremely aggressive stem cell transplant. Once he undergoes that, his immune system will be completely gone. It will be similar to that of a newborn baby which means he’ll be in the hospital for up to a month.”

Which of course means Brandon will be out of work even longer. We asked Amy about the cost of the stem cell transplant.

“It’s nearly a million dollars. We have insurance and it’s been wonderful but the monthly premiums are real high. With Brandon having to be confined to a hospital bed for nearly a month, there’s added expenses, child care for our three children.”

In order to help Brandon, Amy and their three children, some family members have organized a benefit concert and dinner.

“Some delicious barbecue and great music for 10 dollars.”

The fundraiser is taking place this Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5 at the VFW at Broadway and 10th.

If you want to buy tickets or just make a donation click here.




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