You And I Didn’t Get The Memo

Everybody’s got a take on the story that Bill Clinton maneuvered a meeting with Atty. Gen Loretta Lynch at Phoenix’ Sky Harbor Airport.

Seems like a lot of speculation centers on did he “corner” her and blindside her, or is Lynch conspiring on behalf of this latest resuscitation of Hillary Clinton’s chance?

Can I just say: we are never going to know which one. Here’s what I think bothers me, and most people:

This is bigger than Mrs. Clinton’s chances in 2016. That crummy little huddle on the tarmac at Sky Harbor sums up why we don’t—why we can’t—trust the federal government anymore.

It’s because we know, and hate that we know, that meetings like this, often with less famous names, make up the daily dealings of the D.C. machine. We know this isn’t just a Clinton thing. Or an Obama thing. Or a Democratic thing. We know they all do it, or at least, they all could. Democrats, Republicans, the ones we vote for and ones we vote against.

It’s because we all know it’s how the bidness of our imperial federal government gets done. It’s because when we read about Clinton’s USSS detail and Lynch’s FBI contingent were left on the tarmac, we are forced to admit this:

We’re all on the tarmac while our futures are determined and wheels within wheels within wheels…

We’re all on the tarmac.



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