I Didn’t Watch “Golden Globes”, But Here’s What You Missed


Not only did I not watch, but I could’ve written this before the show even aired.

The women in attendance wore black, in protest of #MeToo

The men said, “me too.” Which was a really bold statement given that 98.5% would’ve been in black tuxes anyway.

Is “protest black” a different shade? I can’t tell.

More highlights: some very tough things were said about deposed Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, although not always mentioning him by name .

These tough things were said by people who in prior years had their lips firmly attached to Mr. Weinstein’s ample posterior and couldn’t speak clearly because they were puckering so hard.

In case these celebs forgot, this street artist is reminding them.

Oprah Winfrey took home the DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award (which came with 300 super-delegates for the 2020 DNC). She’s courageously outspoken now, but I don’t have as many pictures of my daughter as there are of Oprah smooching and hugging on Harvey over the years. Mind you, I like Oprah, but c’mon!

Now…things will be different. But isn’t there a new Woody Allen movie coming out? Yeah. Here’s his star, the heroic Kate Winslet, explaining how it’s ok to work with Woody because he’s “practically a woman”.  Check out the cast: A-list actresses are still taking his call.

And, of course, all of this is playing out in (cue ominous music) the “time of Trump”.

Another guy Hollywood was sucking up to until 2015.

To this crowd, every thing they ever did and knew is just a script that can be rewritten for the masses out there in the dark with their popcorn and Cokes.




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