Differing Takes on Trump and Intel That May Have Been Shared

By Don Morgan

It was not only incorrect but irresponsible as well. Professor Jeffrey Addicott at St. Mary’s School of Law weighs in on a Washington Post story that claims President Trump shared classified information with the Russians.

Addicott tells us what Trump talked about wasn’t classified and in fact, the conversation focused on the recent decisions to ban laptops from airplanes.

“Everybody knows about that.”

Meanwhile, there are differing opinions on the Washington Post story that claims President Trump let Russian intelligence leaders in on some top secret information.

We spoke with Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar about the matter. He said had the President been speaking to leaders from a stronger ally, he wouldn’t be as concerned and he wants Congress to take a closer look at Trump’s meeting with the Russians.

Republican Lamar Smith released a statement saying “The White House and National Security Council have denied the allegations about sharing classified intelligence and there is no evidence showing otherwise. As commander in chief, President Trump has the right to confer with global leaders in the fight against terrorism.”

Addicott says the story is another example of how many in the media have an agenda to further damage the Presidency. He says choosing sides is fine.

“Just be fair and report the facts. That’s all we ask.”

The Washington Post article began making the rounds Monday afternoon. It stated that President Trump shared classified information with the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister while they were at the White House last week.



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