Life is moving pretty fast for the Sanctuary Democrats.

After leisurely years of proclaiming sanctuary cities, without having to live up to it, under Trump…now the buses and planes are arriving and hoo boy, do these people hear themselves?

Actor George Takei is tweeting about having flashbacks to his internment as a Japanese American during WW2. But, the internment camps were barracks surrounded by barbed wire, guarded by tanks and watchtowers.

In other words, not Martha’s Vineyard.

The order to take the Japanese Americans to these camps was from the top, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He sent them to these terrible places, a decision that drew rebuke from the Supreme Court in the Korematsu case.

The planeload sent to MV was reportedly arranged by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

So…DeSantis>FDR or…?

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