Donald Trump: Real or AI?

More than a few of us have noticed how useful January 6th is as an organizing and rallying point for various lefties, RINOs and TDS-sufferers.

Were they just fortunate to have it fall into their lap? Or is it too “good” to have been a random, organically-occurring event? You be the judge.

Columnist Derek Hunter takes this thinking to the next, obvious place:

“If Trump didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent him.

“Their record is so horrible, they have to make the other side seem worse.

“The progressive experiment… is failing…what choice to Democrats have?”

It’s an interesting thought. They use him to fundraise, to register voters, to (barely) hold their ranks together over schisms like anti-Semitism and regressive racism.

“STOP THAT MAN!” is an easy sell.

And, by the way, if the GOP decides to nominate DeSantis, he’d be just as bad. Worse than Hitler AND Trump!

Haley? She’d be Hitler in heels.

They could nominate Liz Cheney and, somehow, she’d morph into America’s worst nightmare.

You can’t convince normal people that they would ever want the modern left’s actual policies, from mutilating children to $18 Big Macs, but you can scare them into staying in the herd. Stay inside “The Village”, or else.

It’s all they have, so it’s all they do.

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