Don’t Buy Any Green Bananas

A new survey says half of us think we will destroy the planet in our lifetime.

Two thirds of Hawaiians, three-fifths of Vermonters and half (49%) of Texans won’t be signing up for AARP, apparently.

Climate change, they told the Talkers Research pollsters, will devastate the Earth and its ability to sustain life, soon.

Reasonable people can disagree on how much impact human activity has on this rock, and we could robustly debate who needs to change what, in terms of industrial practices and government policies, but let’s be clear:

Anyone who only, and sincerely, thinks we have a handful of years left is someone who cannot be put in charge of…anything.

You’re free to drink the Kool-Aid, but you should definitely not be mixing it up for the rest of us.

Not in political office, or the corner office.

And not in the front of a classroom.

Reason being, overwhelming pessimism is antithetical to good leadership. How can we trust you to make any kind of plan, or care about young people, or preserve and protect the culture…if you’re awaiting an imminent eco-conflagration?

Answer: we can’t.

I wonder if this prevailing attitude explains our increasing short-sightedness about things like personal debt, n0t to mention government debt.

Talk about live like you’re dying!

It’s also amusing to me, how when people get apocalyptic and end-timey, with a religious flavor, we dismiss them as nutbars.

There’s universal mockery for the idea that God will smite us for living sinfully or something.

However, if you have exactly the same grim outlook, but your inspiration is Bill Nye, instead of your local preacher, and your idea of “sins” are emissions or carbon-based,  you’re a deep and sensitive person! Not crazy at all!

In the meantime, until we’re sure, I wouldn’t buy any green bananas.




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