Don’t Fall For The Garth Story

A lot of people I like, and a lot of radio hosts, fell into the trap, and I’m hoping you will not.

It’s a story about country star Garth Brooks, reportedly having to cancel his Vegas “residency” (schedule of shows) owing to his support of, and willingness to do business with, Bud Light.

The links and attributions go to a “news site” called “Dunning Kruger Times”.

It’s fake news, a satire site. The story is a trap. “Dunning-Kruger Effect” refers to low-intelligence people overestimating their abilities or knowledge.

So, Garth Brooks is washed up?

Except…he didn’t cancel. Full disclosure: I’m not a fan, and wouldn’t cross the street to see Garth for free. Still, he’s still popular and selling Las Vegas tickets. Into next year, in fact.

It’s so tempting to believe the story,  because you recognize the wearying stupidity of what Bud Light did. (Seems like there may have been some Dunning-Kruger Effect in the Anheuser-Busch marketing department…).

I can understand someone seeing the story and re-Tweeting it or reposting it, casually and quickly.

BUT…I hate to hear conservative talk hosts and commentators falling into this Garth trap, pouring on the lighter fluid and firing up the outrage.

Truth is, a lot of these radio/TV/Internet righties are so afraid to lose their audience that they’re starting to pander as bad as their lefty counterparts. I can tell you, you take a lot of heat when you don’t toe the line, but why are we entrusted with a microphone or platform if it’s not to enlighten and entertain? I hear hosts and commentators who mainly sound afraid of their base, of having to tell them an inconvenient fact, and it’s pathetic.

Part of my job is taking out the garbage, and saving you time, so you don’t waste it on conspiracy or fake news crap.

We are not helping our fellow conservatives if we can’t ever call out Republicans, Trump, Fox News etc., etc., when they deserve it, and sometimes they do. Or knocking down fake news.

Everything is getting dumbed down—let’s not be a party to it, but, to borrow a term, let’s be the “resistance” to idiocy.

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