Don’t Let a Grinch Ruin Your Holidays

Tis’ the season for a grinch to steal all of your Christmas spirit.

It’s no secret December and January are typically the two busiest months when it comes to home burglaries.

“We’re trending down over the last decade or so–we had about half of the claims last year that we had ten years ago” State Farm’s Chris Pilcic told KTSA News, quickly adding though Texas ranked number two in the United States in such claims over last year’s holiday season.

“Texas came in number two on that list with just over 75-hundred–7,633 crime-related theft claims reported across the State last year” Pilcic said, pointing to a theme that seems to go hand in hand with the holidays.

“The two busiest months (for burglary claims) are December and January. Not only do you feel victimized when someone comes in to your home and steals your belongings, also–they’re looking for those new belongings that maybe came as part of a gift” Pilcic said.

That’s why Pilcic said you need to do what you can to protect yourself and your belongings. If you’re going to be away for a while, he suggests you put your lights on timers, and don’t let those newspapers pile up in your driveway.

And by all means, be very careful with those boxes that all of those big-ticket gifts came in.

“That can actually indicate to thieves who are cruising around for a crime of opportunity what you have in your home” Pilcic said.

His advice when it comes to those boxes? Break them up so they can be thrown out without being noticed–or, wait until bulk trash day to put them out–but don’t leave them out to be seen on the curb for too long.



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