Don’t Sleep On This Congressional IT Office Scandal

After a week off for vacation and a family wedding, I’m done keeping my thoughts to myself.

So, yes, transgender soldiers, human smugglers, bathroom bill, Jeff Sessions, healthcare votes…here we go.

But there’s one story not getting its due, I think:

The FBI picked up a guy named Imran Awan at Dulles International Airport after he wired $300K to Pakistan and attempted to bolt there himself.

Normally, we’re more interested in people coming INTO the US, but in this case, Mr. Awan is very, very interesting.

Mr. Awan is Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide, and has worked for several Democratic members of Congress. His travel plans were triggered by being the target of an FBI investigation into theft, fraud and network abuses. His wife, Hina Alvi, also a House IT employee, pulled their kids out of school a couple of months ago and left for Pakistan with over $12K in cash. She was allowed to go with “several cardboard boxes of files”.

When I flew last week, I was just hoping my shaving cream was under 3 ounces.

Awan, Alvi and three relatives all secured jobs in Congressional IT. Until they were fired for the above-mentioned abuses. And rarely showing up to work.

By now you might think Wasserman Schultz is hopping mad at a man who abused her trust and office. You would think wrong.

Instead she moved him to “consultant” status, only just now fired him, and blocked investigators’ access to a laptop he used in her office.

Ask yourself why.

Why would Congressional IT workers get banned from the House computer networks?

Why was Debbie protecting Imran Awan? Why is she threatening the chief of the Capitol Police over his probe?

Why aren’t reporters more curious? Why have major news organizations passed up this potboiler?

Something is happening here.




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