Silly rabbits, this isn’t going to happen!

Republicans won’t impeach the next Democratic president. They’ll just preen about how they’re too good to do it.

Democrats always want to impeach every Republican president. Nothing’s new here, either.

When you have the Washington Post reporters tweeting out their “impeachmas party” at a tavern, you pretty much know how things work.

Wanna test the theory?

If Joe Biden were to be elected president next November, would Republicans seek to impeach him over…Ukraine?

It’s clear that the made-up “crime” that Trump carried out in his Ukraine policymaking was the actual dirty dealing Joe and Hunter Biden pulled off. The only difference being that Ukraine had to wait 50 days for their money, and Hunter got his every month, right on time.

To recap, President Obama gave his hyperactive VP the “portfolio” of overseeing Ukraine policy. This made for one of Joe’s favorite war stories, where he went over and knocked some heads together.  Threatening to yank a loan guarantee if the Kiev regime didn’t 86 a certain prosecutor. Shaking in their boots over Joe Eastwood’s hair-plugged machismo, they did as he commanded. Then, he “let” them have the money.

Probably wouldn’t have worked if the Ukrainians had just Googled “Joe Biden” first, but that’s water under the bridge now.

While caring for the “portfolio”, Joe “never knew”/”didn’t care”/”never discussed” ne’er-do-well son Hunter joining the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, to the tune of 50 grand a month. Which, in any currency, is a lot of lap-dances. And the axed prosecutor had investigated…Burisma. 

Hunter Biden probably doesn’t even know how light switches work, much less grasp Burisma’s business. This was a bribe paid to the Biden family, using the dim bulb son of a dim bulb, but not too dim to skim some hryvnias from Ukraine.

SO…a Biden election would give us an immediate test case for this “new normal impeachment” theory. Biden has even given them a head-start! No joke!

And I’m telling you, the Republicans won’t have the stones to do it.


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