Dozens of SAPD Officers Honored by Dallas PD

Nearly three dozen San Antonio police officers were recognized Tuesday for assisting the Dallas Police Department following the tragic loss of five officers last year.

Dallas PD Assistant Chief John Lawton and others from the department drove down to pass out certificates of merit and ribbons to the 33 SAPD officers.

“To come out, to leave their families, to leave their job, their community to come support us in our community, the least we can do is come down and show them that we really appreciated their sacrifice for us,” Lawton said.

SAPD Chief William McManus called the gesture gratifying.

The following list provided by SAPD are officers who arrived in Dallas just five days after the murders of five officers, and assisted answering calls for nearly a week:

LT Hector Lopez #4069
TCB SGT Joseph Gilliam #3272
COP SGT Arthur Alaniz #3290
SCU SGT Brian Sullivan #3089
ITI-DT SGT Michael Ross #3142
WCS DET Brian Belcher #2475

NPB UEDI Michael De La Rosa #2428

NPC UEDI Stephanie Landry #2552

PPB UEDI Jessica Aelvoet #2016

SCU UEDI Gilbert Guerra #2014

SCU UEDI Royce Vasquez #2353

WPA UEDI Michael Alvarez #2483

WPT OFC Alfred Gomez #1100

CCS OFC Justin Cruz #1711

CPT OFC Kevin Whisenhunt #0694

ECS OFC Johnny Perez #0875

NPA OFC Douglas Greene #1665

CMS OFC Joe Rios #0725

SCS OFC Keith Bell #0026

SPB OFC Sammuel Gallegos #0192

SCU OFC Jonathon Hoggard #0702

SCU OFC Eddie Holland #0357

SCU OFC John Seaton #0305

SCU OFC Antonio Flores #1045

SCU OFC Ezekiel Holguin #0944

SCU OFC Hugo Daniel #0096

SCU OFC David Mahula #1188

SCU OFC Drew Reyes #0679

SCU OFC Albert Sanchez #1572

SCU OFC Sergio Villanueva #1744

SCU OFC Salvador Hernandez #0831

TSB OFC Juan Hinojosa #1041

CTA OFC Marc Valero #1252




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