The Dream of Small Government is Dead

As a conservative who leans libertarian it pains me to say this but truth is truth, and the truth is the conservative/libertarian dream of small and less intrusive government is dead in the USA. Americans want government to grow more, do more, and as a result, cost more. The U.S. government has transformed into European socialism, and the majority of the American people seem to be good with it.

We’ve been headed down this road for nearly 100 years, and the dream of big government socialists is now becoming a full-on reality in America.

The leading Presidential candidates this year included a radical liberal (Hillary), a self-avowed socialist (Bernie), and a non-conservative Republican (Trump). They got there by touting all the things government under their respective administrations would do.

The support for Trump’s childcare plan is evidence Republicans aren’t interested in limited government anymore.

After all, everyone knows the only entity big enough and powerful enough to take care of us is the federal government, right?

No successful campaigner ever talks about how he or she would slash the size of the federal government, return power to individuals by reducing government regulations, cut taxes, and operate solely by the principles ensconced in the constitution. That’s because the Jeffersonian principle of , “That government is best which governs least, because its people discipline themselves,” is no longer believed by the vast majority of Americans. People expect government to take care of everything for them, and the government is happy to oblige.

And Jefferson was right – we have become a very undisciplined people. Personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

So that leaves conservatives and libertarians in a bit of quandary. Do you except where we are and go with the flow, or do you struggle against the tidal wave of socialism hoping that someday America will return to true conservative principles?






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