Drummer for “Tonight Show” band seeks out kindly stranger

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – “Tonight Show” drummer Questlove wants to remember a kindness – even though it was done when he was just five years old. The Roots member has gone on Facebook and Instagram to try to track down a woman who bought him a turntable and some records. Ahmir Thompson says it happened in 1976 when he was traveling with his parents, who were musicians. While in Portland, Maine, he met a woman named “Ellie” – and talked her into buying him a stereo and a record collection. Questlove says among his musical requests were the Jackson 5 and “Bad Blood” by Neil Sedaka. He says when the woman dropped off the goods the following day, his parents were upset that he had talked to a stranger and got her to buy him stuff. But he says his benefactor begged his parents to go easy on him.

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