The Dumbing Down Of Dunkin Donuts Must Not Happen

This is important because they are all that stands between us and a Starbucks-New-World-Order.

Massachusetts-based Dunkin’ Donuts is experimenting with just calling themselves “Dunkin'”.


I mean, we’re already dumbing down the spelling of “doughnuts”. Now we can’t even say it?!

Allegedly, they want to emphasize their coffee, which is vastly superior to Scorchbucks’ sooty brew. But, “Dunkin'”?

Is it a swimming pool? Is it Timmy?

Could this be the health nazis at work, since doughnuts—er, donuts—are one of the most indefensible yet delicious foods EVAH?

I’m reminded of one of Radio Shack’s last-ditch ploys to stay alive in the wrong century—they were going to rebrand as “The Shack”. You probably don’t have a “The Shack” store in your local strip mall, because the idea stunk, of course.

Sounds like “Dunkin'” redux to me.

It’s funny to watch marketing types rename stuff and then everyone conversationally slides back ┬áinto the older, familiar name anyway. New loses out to old.“KFC” versus Kentucky Fried Chicken. “Cesar Chavez” versus Durango. “Ron Nirenberg” versus Julian Castro. You get the idea.

I just hope they don’t kill their brand altogether. When I moved here 23 years ago, there were only a couple of of Dunkies and one was at the airport, which wasn’t handy unless you happened to have a boarding pass on you.

Then they began expanding nationwide to belatedly compete for the caffeination of America with Starbucks. Many of their new S.A. locations are combo storefronts of DD and Baskin-Robbins. Sometimes I’ll sit there with a small black coffee and a maple-frosted, and feel smug that at least I’m not like those lazy bums eating ice cream. Heck, I’m practically working out!

So, I’m all for dunkin’. And Duncan. Just not “Dunkin'”.





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