Early Spring Stall for Rising S.A. Gas Prices

A sudden stop to what had been steadily increasing prices at San Antonio gas pumps over the last several weeks.

“We saw oil prices begin to tumble last week again–and that’s what really put the kink on rising gas prices” Gasbuddy dot-com’s Patrick DeHaan told KTSA News, describing the early-Spring, uncharacteristic halt to the increase in pump prices.

“So far… we’ve kind of bucked the usual seasonal trend that gas prices surge in the Spring” DeHaan said, adding “You have a lot of pressure on both sides of oil prices that are kind of keeping them stuck in the middle of that ($50 per barrel) range.”

So what does the future hold? For now, DeHaan said we may see the market hold where it is for at least a little while.

“This year, we’re seeing the kubosh put on rising gas prices just because oil prices can’t figure out what direction they’re going to move” DeHaan said.



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