Economic Transition Team invites businesses to take the pledge

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Restoring consumer confidence is a key aspect of the guidelines presented by the local Economic Transition Team for reopening businesses safely in the San Antonio area.

The committee developed a local playbook for businesses that expands on the governor’s checklist  for industries not covered in the state’s report.

It also creates a marketing and public relations plan aimed at restoring consumer and visitor confidence.  It’s titled Greater. SAfer. Together.

“That includes a pledge that businesses can embrace to reopen safely by following seven health and safety protocols,” said co-chair Julissa Carielo, President and CEO of Tejas Premier Building Contractors.

Businesses are invited to pledge to use face coverings, practice social distancing, conduct temperature checks, provide hand sanitizer, follow CDC cleaning protocols, implement contactless payment when possible, and provide general COVID-19 awareness training for employees.

“We invite all San Antonio businesses to take this pledge. Committing to these seven health and safety protocols as part of your business practice would help balance the safety and well-being of employees, customers and the  restart of our economy,” said co-chair Kevin Voelkel, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.

The Economic Transition Team also made some recommendations for solutions.  They looked at small business resources, immediate needs  and long term planning.

“One of the most immediate needs we have identified is the access to safety equipment and supplies for businesses to restart,” said Carielo.





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