Twitter’s  new shopkeeper caused a few macchiato spills this morning when he issued this:

“To independent minded voters: Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties. Therefor I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the President is Democratic”

We used to call this “divided government”, and say what you want about Musk, he’s not wrong.

What was funny was the unhinged, scream-at-the-sky responses he drew, which I’m pretty sure was his intention anyway.

Former Republican Joe Walsh aksed out loud “how would the right be freaking out if the prior Twitter ownership had openly encouraged the users to vote Democratic?”

Key word: “openly”.

Banning discussions, deplatforming journalistic outlets, flagging and gas-lighting, all while hiding behind algorithms and “policies” no one could look up and which were being made up as they went along. Any of that ring a bell, Anita Ward?

Or when we recently learned that Twitter and Facebook worked with (and regularly met with) Biden’s DOJ and DHS to censor opponents—er, I mean, “disinformation”?

So, *if* you are comparing Musk, who’s not even endorsing the GOP but merely indicating he’d like two-tone governance, with the skulduggery of the previous owners, I’d say Musk was straightforward and they were sneaky.


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