SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A call for an aggressive dog in an East Texas town led to one of the patrol cars getting hijacked — by the dog.

Kilgore police say an officer responded to a call of an aggressive pitbull on the loose in the city.  He was able to quickly locate the dog and tried to coax the dog into the backseat, which has a cage.

However, the officer had also left the driver’s door open and the pooch hopped right into the driver’s seat.

The dog, whose name is apparently Cujo, wasn’t happy with the officer’s attempts to get out of the front seat and became aggressive.  The officer closed the door to prevent injury to the dog or himself.

Police say the dog effectively took the cruiser hostage, enjoying the air conditioning and the beef jerky in the car.

The police chief said he had asked the officer over the radio about the situation and the officer texted him a photo of the dog plenty satisfied with the situation in the front seat.

The chief said the dog didn’t look happy, to which the officer wrote back, “He ain’t, and neither am I”.

Animal Control was able to safely take Cujo into custody.

The police chief said the only injury during the ordeal was to the officer’s pride.

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