Emptying Out A Pocketful of Random Thoughts

Martin Landau was so good, he was even famous for a role he didn’t play.

The Oscar winner, who died Saturday at 89, starred in TV’s “Mission:Impossible” and turned up in countless great movies, from “North by Northwest” and “Pork Chop Hill” to “Tucker” and “Ed Wood”.

He was reportedly Gene Rodenberry’s first choice for Spock on “Star Trek” but turned it down.

Someone else might’ve been racked by regret, but Landau did just fine. The man had it all: looks, talent, grace.

Along came Mary McCoy sixty-five years ago and she’s been on Texas radio ever since.

I loved this story from the Conroe Courier about how she started with a singing show when she was 12 and still works the airwaves on “K-Star” in Conroe today.

A lot of us have played Elvis’ records. Mary performed with him on “Louisiana Hayride” (“He was so sincere”)

An entire radio career in one town, three stations, and all she wants to do is “put a smile on somebody’s face”.

Mission accomplished today, Mary.

Satire’s dead, because of people like Sacramento Bee columnist Shawn Hubler.

She’s written this condescending, lathered-up lament about how her daughter’s acceptance into graduate school in Texas will put her “behind enemy lines”.

Really, Shawn?

At least it’s a big country, she writes and that keeps Texas far away from California. Believe me, Ms. Hubler, we know how you feel.

The whole piece is straining, begging, to be a send-up. From buying the kid a used Prius (what else?) to “feeling so estranged in [her] own country”…I guess when you live in Sacramento, you never want to leave. After all, California is so…mainstream.

I feel sorry for her, not mad at her.

When I moved here almost 23 years ago, I too came from a liberal enclave, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and experienced culture shock. Eventually I realized: I’ve never been treated better or welcomed more widely than in San Antonio. We make room, literally and figuratively, for anyone from anywhere, who gives this place a chance.

Her loss that she didn’t.





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