SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The answer is “no”.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry says reports that he will step down from his position are not true.

There had been a report in Politico that Perry was expected to announce his resignation by the end of November.

During a press conference in Lithuania, Perry said he was not stepping down and that “They’ve (Politico) been writing the story” for months now.  The former Governor of Texas says he’s here to serve.

Perry’s name has been brought in to the Ukraine controversy that brought on House impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Last week, Trump told some Republican lawmakers that it was Perry who recommended the call to Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy.

He admits that he did ask Trump to call Ukraine but it was for business, not politics.

“Absolutely, I asked the president multiple times, ‘Mr. President, we think it is in the United States’ and in Ukraine’s best interest that you and the president of Ukraine have conversations, that you discuss the options that are there.'”

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