The Extraordinary Bullshit of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

“If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, but it cannot be both.”

John Kerry.

“How can you make peace with someone who rejects your very existence? This conflict has always been about Israel’s very right to exist.”

Benjamin Netanyahu.


It was my professional duty.

I had to listen to John Kerry’s insipid anti-Israel speech delivered today at the United Nations. I really had no choice. Neither did Trey. We were stuck there, in the studio, with the Secretary of State’s voice droning in our headphones. Of course, Trey was able to bolt once his portion of The Jack Riccardi Show was over at eleven. And bolt he did. I can still smell the burning rubber as he tore-ass down the street on his massive Harley. That’s right. I could actually smell the tires of his bike from inside the studio. He was that desperate to get away from Kerry’s voice. Wherever he is now, and whatever he is doing, I can only imagine that a certain amount of Scripture and tequila are involved, and who can blame him for that? If I didn’t have to go on-the-air at four, I’d be right there with him.

To say that Kerry’s speech–and, by proxy, Obama’s “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict–was, at best, disturbing, would be putting it very mildly. The implications of so artlessly stabbing our closest ally and the only surviving Middle Eastern democracy in the back are truly frightening, especially when you consider that our crappy ‘deal’ with Iran has allowed a rabid theocracy and an avowed enemy of Israel to continue to pursue its nuclear weapons program. Bibi was right in his comments delivered in reaction to Kerry’s UN speech when he said that the conflict isn’t about land. It’s about the existence of Israel. How do you peacefully coexist and ‘share’ the Holy Sites of Jerusalem with terrorists who hate your stinking guts and want to erase you from the globe? Jesus. Look at a freaking map. You’ll need a magnifying glass to even see the Jewish State. Nope. Not about beachfront property rights on the West Bank. Not at all. This is Final Solution stuff. This is hatred of the Jews.

For Barack Obama, it’s an extended middle finger to Israel, Trump, and the American People, who are just too dang stupid and racist to understand the ‘nuances’ of his diplomacy, which, since the Arab Spring, has proven to be little more than a string of bad decisions soaked in Jewish, Christian, and Arab blood. “This is what the world looks like without America,” says a friend of mine who has worked for the State Department, and, like many of the current administration’s failed policies, Obama’s obsession with proving his own brilliance has caused, and will cause, more blood to be spilled not only in Israel and Palestine, but in the streets of Paris, London, and New York. The only people left who are unaware of this grim fact seem to be, well, Barack Obama and John Kerry. At this point, I think perhaps even James Taylor has begun to smell the blood and bullshit rising up over the State Department, but I could be wrong about that. He’s done a lot of blow, and probably doesn’t have much of a nose left.

Now, if you want to understand what Obama/Kerry’s two-state solution looks like, imagine that Mexico, still being somewhat pissed over the battle of San Jacinto, began lobbing missiles into Texas. How many missiles would Mexico have to fire over the Rio Grande before the United States gave them back Texas? The answer is irrelevant, because if Mexico attacked us with missiles, we would freaking grease Mexico with bigger missiles.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have been attacking innocent Israelis with missiles and mortars and bombs for decades. In 2014 alone, almost 5,000 missiles were launched from the West Bank into Israel. As is common practice with terrorists, these attacks are launched from residential and school districts, so that when the Israeli military responds out of defense, innocent civilians die as a result. Obama’s solution to this violence is for Israel to give up territory, and “share” Holy Sites with the terrorist government lobbing the missiles. Which makes about as much sense as Kerry’s bizarre statement that The Jewish State “can either be Jewish or democratic, but it cannot be both.”

Huh? If that makes any sense to you, you need to lay off the booze. You have very obviously gone chronic, and are only about five days away from sneezing your brains out your nose and dropping your liver on the floor.

In any event, I believe the Administration’s choice to abstain from an Israel-damning vote proclaiming the West bank territories as illegal will have grave implications, not only for the Middle East, but for the civilized world as a whole. Given that Netanyahu claims the vote itself was orchestrated by the Obama Administration, one has to wonder, in all seriousness, if we didn’t somehow manage to twice-elect a terrorist to the Oval Office.

God Be With Us,

rev s









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