The Face of Pure Evil

Robert Godwin was a 74 year-old man from Cleveland, Ohio who loved to fish and collect aluminum cans. As Mr. Godwin was on a leisurely Easter afternoon stroll with his Save-A-Lot bag tucked firmly under his arm just in case he came across a can or two, a white Ford Fusion approached.

According to police, Steve Stephens, a 37 year-old man got out and approached Mr. Godwin.

“Can you say Joy Lane?” Stephens asked Mr. Godwin.

“Joy Lane?” Godwin responded.

“She’s the reason this is about to happen to you,” Stephens said as he slowly raised a handgun into Mr. Godin’s face.

The elderly gentlemen tried to defend himself with the only thing he had – his plastic bag.

“I don’t know nobody by that name,” he said as Stephens squeezed the trigger.

Then, as Mr. Godwin lay on the ground oozing oxygen-filled bright red blood, Stephens turned, got back in the Fusion, and drove away.

The entire encounter lasted less than 1 minute, but it dramatically changed the lives of thousands if not more.

Stephen’s captured it all on Facebook where the cold-blooded murder stayed for three hours until Facebook authorities took the video down.

Stephen’s can be seen driving along telling someone on the phone named “DOG” that he had killed 13 people, and was working on finding number 14. He said he wouldn’t stop until police caught him.

He even named it the Easter Massacre.

As of this writing, police have only been able to confirm the killing of Mr. Godwin.

Welcome to our brave new world where the face of pure evil can be seen by thousands at one time. Where the fantasy world of television crime has been replaced by the worst kind of reality show – actual killings being broadcast for all to see.

We will never forget the news reporter and photographer who were gunned down during a live news segment. Or the teenage girl who was gang-raped live on social media.

We are Rome.

So here are some questions to grapple with:

Has the time come for responsible people to disconnect from social media?

Is it time to renew true face to face friendships instead of the faux “friends” you associate with only on social media?

Is social media really a positive influence in your life, or would you be better off without it?

Could you live without seeing your “friends” food, the birth of a giraffe, or the real life killing of Mr. Godwin?



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