Faith Changes Life, Not The Other Way Around

When Rod Dreher writes something, you can’t improve on it, so you should read his piece here, entitled “How To Kill A Church”.

He’s talking about the Episcopal Church, but my Catholic bros and sisters need to hang on every word here, because we have gone far down this misdirected path, too.

I see a sign somewhere here in town for a “Godchaser” church. Another one says “find what you want and need”. But, nope, that’s not how what Rod calls “life-changing faith” works. That stuff is coping, and coping is OK in the intermezzo of life. I have no problem with whatever gets you through the night, so to speak. Just don’t call it faith.

God doesn’t need you to “chase” Him (to where is he running?) and, He’s not a lost puppy needing to be found. You and I are the ones running. We are lost. God’s right where He’s always been.

Almost everything Christian churches do in the name of serving up an appealing buffet of DIY theology winds up flushing people away. Faith is hard, and hard faith is rewarding. (Read Pope St. John XXIII’s “Journal of a Soul” for a beautiful expression of this)

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