InfoWars host ejected from Texas Rangers game over ‘Trump Won’ flag

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Two men were kicked out of a Texas Rangers game Sunday after they unfurled a large ‘Trump Won’ flag from the upper stands at Globe Life Field.

The two men argued with security in a video that has since been deleted, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. One of the men was later identified as Infowars pundit Owen Shroyer.

“They stole our election though, you know,” Shroyer said to security. “I know the rules. You can’t take my flag … your election got stolen, too. Americans should be more upset that our election got stolen than if we have a flag … Everybody knows Trump won. And they’re more upset because I have a flag than that our election was stolen.”

Shroyer and another unidentified man were reportedly detained until Arlington Police arrived, but it is not clear if they were charged.

A video posted to Twitter shows Shroyer showing off the flag outside the stadium after being ejected from the game.

A Texas Rangers Spokesperson told the Star-Telegram the two men were asked to leave because the flag violated the stadium’s code of conduct.

“I held a sign at a baseball game, and they called the cops,” Shroyer said. “This is how out of whack America is. That we don’t even have free speech and the cops get called because someone has a flag … They steal our elections, nobody panics. One person drops a flag at a baseball game, and they want to call the police.”

A man was barred indefinitely from all Major League Baseball stadiums for repeatedly hanging the same flag earlier this year at stadiums in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Five people were ejected from a Miami Marlins game in June for brandishing the ‘Trump Won’ flag alongside signs supporting the Proud Boys.


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