Feeling Fine, Not Panicked, A Little Angry

“How are you?” has gone from a casual greeting to a kind of verbal temperature-taking, hasn’t it?

I thought I’d update you a little about what’s going on with me, the show and the near-future.

First, the personal. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve embarked on some serious work on my health, diet and fitness. I debated sharing this, because I don’t like to talk about myself. Most people who hear the show don’t want that stuff. Anyway, getting good results, and one thing it’s done is make me more aware of how much we are all responsible for our baseline health.

So, part of dealing with coronavirus is: take the best care of yourself, your diet, your sleep and your family that you possibly can.

You can start right now, and you don’t need a politician. I’m here to help you, or root for you.

At work, a lot of contingency planning is going on.

One change you will hear is that “Gang of Four” may be with the panel joining by phone (right now they come into the studio). Or we may suspend the segment for the duration.  I hate to do it, but I think it’s a good caution.

As I said, I’ve never felt better. I think I could weather this thing if I had to. Let me tell you why I am not panicked.

For one thing, I am hyperaware of how we are BEING panicked and how it works. There is some sick opportunism going on, to wreck the economy and upset the 2020 election by any means. Regardless of what they’re doing, I know my own mind and plan, and I know we will get through this, with faith, logic and American ingenuity.

But I am angry.

For too many years, too many pseudo-intellectuals in both political parties downplayed the danger of our reliance on China for vital products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other supply chains. It’s part of a general disregard for the well-being of the American people, which should be what government cares about most. Too many other things, for too long, have come before your best interests. When we get through this, we need a consensus that China can never matter to us like this again.

Right now, billions and billions of dollars of our economy are being torched, good companies will go under, and people will lose their jobs. Just a month ago, you could not have imagined it. China’s  coronavirus lying and covering up robbed people around the world of their lives, their jobs, their savings—we better wake up about how they operate. Because this is the best lesson they’ve ever given us.

Trump and Obama had roughly the same public health infrastructure and officials, but the reporting on the swine flu and Ebola under Obama never panicked people like it’s panicking them now. The only difference is that the reporting was reverential toward President Obama and hysterical toward President Trump, Understand, COVID-19 is more serious, but from day one, it was weaponized politically. I don’t recall Republicans or news networks doing that during swine flu or Ebola.

That concerted panic is thwarting the best efforts of scientists to get out good info, and smothering good news. Did you know the Cleveland Clinic has developed a COVID-19 test that gets results in 8 hours, as opposed to the current two days? It’s a phenomenal achievement from scientists in just a matter of days! Things like this only happen this fast in America, and even then, rarely.

I’m angry that more people don’t appreciate how blessed we are to be in this country, and living amongst so many brilliant, dedicated fellow Americans. But how could you, if you didn’t know the news from Cleveland?

Right now, billions and billions of dollars of our economy are being torched, good companies will go under, and people will lose their jobs. Just a month ago, you could not have imagined that. Unless you’re nearing retirement, do what I do: I’m not even looking at my IRA. I know it’ll look bad. No need to dwell. When I see the market coming back, I’ll take a peek.

My advice: pray more, dwell less. Once you’ve prepped, pray. God has this. He is waiting to hear from you. Love and take care of each other.

The United States of America will probably wind up leading the world through COVID-19.  People will get tired of selling off, freaking out and being afraid. When they do, they will want back-in to this economy.

And it will roar.

And you and I will be talking about it on the radio.


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