Fire destroys home, possessions of Cibolo police officer and sons

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A Cibolo police officer and his three sons are starting all over after a fire destroyed their home and everything in it Sunday.  Sgt. Chris Soto is a military veteran who has been a police officer for nearly 20 years and a GoFundMe account has been set up to help the officer and his family get back on their feet.

“Today, everything we own was lost in a fire,” Soto wrote on his GoFundMe page.  “However, everything that I value was saved. My sons and I survived.”

He says he has served God and preached his word.

“I lost my house today in the fire, but my home was never in the bricks and the wood,” Soto wrote. “My home lives in every heartbeat my sons take.”

Soto added that he’s been called many things, but what he treasures most is being called “my sons’ dad.”

To all my friends, family and loved ones please help us out during this devastating time. Thank you for the messages and the prayers.

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